So it Begins

It’s a new season for Arlene’s Garden.

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The new seedlings are sprouting up all over her house.


She starts them in little containers and starter pods or pots.


She tries different starting methods and mediums to see which she likes best.


This post isn’t about how she plants her seeds or what container or potting mix or containers she uses.


It’s just to show some of her little seedlings and pots and things.


These little babies will all end up out in the big garden when they are grown up enough.


Right now they are just little babes and not ready for the big outdoor world.


The outdoor world isn’t ready for them yet either.  It’s still too cold and formidable out there.  (April, and we still have snow.)


But the littles are getting themselves ready.


Reaching for the light.


They might not look like much right now.


But when they time comes, they will dazzle you with their spectacularness.  (I don’t know if spectacularness is a word, and I don’t care.)


The little beauties just keep growing.


And growing.




Affiliate links

Some things she likes to use:

Seed Starter Kit

Peat Pots

Seedling Heating Mat

Grow Light System

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One thought on “So it Begins

  1. Your house looks like mine right now. Little sprouts everywhere waiting for mother nature to open up spring for them to enjoy the sunshine and breezes.

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