Don’t They Know it’s Winter?

They appear from nowhere, the creatures that play in Arlene’s garden.


Sometimes they leave mysterious tracks in the snow.


He doesn’t think I see him.


She found a safe place out of the snow.


And she looks pretty proud of herself.


He’s hiding from me.


But I managed to sneak closer.


And even closer.


Even the flower doesn’t seem to care about the snow.


You might think they would go back to their mysterious land and hide away for the winter, but they’re still frolicking out there and don’t seem to mind the snow at all!


Are we having a party or just chilling?


But night comes, and it’s time to sleep.  I wake in the middle of the night to the sound of whispers and chuckles.  Or did I imagine it?  Or dream it? I wonder what kind of shenanigans they they might be up to, but sleep over takes me once more.


They play all night; I heard them.  In the morning they rest and look all innocent and sweet, but I know they’ve been up to something.


I can see the evidence in the snow.


Who could suspect this face?


More evidence.


But he’s staying pretty smug.


After more sleuthing, I find this.


What a lovely gift.  They painted Arlene a picture, a reminder that spring and renewal always come again.  I guess they do know it’s winter after all.



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